Hello and welcome to Advanced Personnel Services! By contacting and registering with APS, you will be joining a family-owned and run staffing organization that has been assisting North Jersey businesses for over 77 years. Throughout the years, we have come to think that our staff and candidates are our most valuable assets, as well as members of our “family.” Whether you’re looking for temporary or permanent job, please continue reading to discover more about APS!


Our temporary employees have relied on our long-standing policy of providing professional service with a personal touch since 1945. Please know that we take pleasure in being a select firm committed to providing you with the greatest temporary assignments at the highest hourly pay rates. We will work with you until we find the ideal temporary assignment for you, regardless of your schedule or skill level. We at Advanced are fully aware that the quality temporary personnel we give to our clients is a key factor in our continued success.

Our temporary employees are eligible for the following benefits:

Free cutting-edge software training center to help you develop or upgrade your skills.

Vacation pay, holiday pay, and referral bonuses are all available.


The Permanent Division of Advanced Personnel Services provides professional placement services for a wide range of skill categories and income levels. Our primary goal is to connect suitable job prospects and client firms for mutually beneficial working relationships. Allow us to save you time by identifying job opportunities that match your search criteria by registering. If we do not currently have any job vacancies that match your skill levels, please allow us to input your information into our computerized system so that we can contact you as soon as that job becomes available.

Temporary job or temporary employment (also known as gigs) is an employment scenario in which the working arrangement is confined to a specific time period based on the demands of the employing business. Temporary employees are also known as “contractual,” “seasonal,” “interim,” “casual staff,” “outsourcing,” and “freelance,” or simply “temps.” In some cases, temporary, highly qualified professionals (especially in white-collar worker professions like human resources, R&D, engineering, and accounting) refer to themselves as consultants. Interim or fractional executives are increasingly filling executive-level jobs (e.g., CEO, CIO, CFO, CMO, CSO). 

Temporary work differs from secondment, which is the temporary assignment of a member of one organization to another organization where the employee typically retains their salary and other employment rights from their primary organization but works closely with the other organization to provide training and experience sharing.

Depending on the circumstances, temporary workers may work full-time or part-time. Temporary workers may receive benefits (such as health insurance) in rare cases, however benefits are typically only provided to permanent employees as a cost-cutting tactic by the business to save money. Not all temporary workers are hired through a staffing agency. With the growth of the Internet and the gig economy (a labor market characterized by the prevalence of short-term contracts or freelance work rather than permanent positions), many workers are now obtaining short-term jobs through freelance marketplaces, creating a worldwide labor market.

Workers are found and retained through a temporary work agency, temp agency, or temporary employment organization. Other companies that require temporary workers, or temps, contract with the temporary labor agency to send temporary workers, or temps, on assignments to work at the other companies. Temporary workers are also used in work that is cyclical in nature and necessitates periodic adjustments to personnel levels.

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